Huawei Folding Screen Mobile Phone Mate X2

Recently, Huawei’s long-awaited new generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate X2 has finally been officially released. This mobile phone priced at nearly 3000USD is equipped with a 5nm process Kirin 9000 flagship processor. After unfolding, the screen size reaches 8 inches. It adopts a wedge-shaped design with an inward folding method and is equipped with a double-rotating drop hinge technology to achieve complete closure. So far, the second-generation products of the three major folding screen mobile phone manufacturers of Rouyu, Samsung and Huawei have all been released.

Mobile Phone Mate X2

Folding screen mobile phones have been questioned since they were launched on the market. In particular, many mobile phones have had problems such as broken screens, display failures, and wave patterns, which discouraged consumers. In the past year, with the release of the second-generation folding screen phones of Rouyu, Samsung, Huawei and other brands, it can be seen that the second-generation folding screen phones have been upgraded significantly. Most of the screen problems have been solved, and many users have changed the folding screen. Questions about screen mobile phones, start to look forward to folding screen mobile phones into the popularization stage.

Looking at these three mobile phones, the most obvious upgrade is FlexPai 2 released by Royole Technology. In September 2020, Royole released FlexPai 2, which is the world’s first foldable mobile phone FlexPai. The full flexible screen of Cicada Wing achieves mirror-like flatness and no creases, and realizes seamless closure after bending through Royole 3S fully closed linear hinge technology, which greatly reduces the thickness of the phone after folding, and improves the grip and feel Portability makes “big screen” and “portable” perfectly compatible.

Mate X2 subverted the previous two generations of Huawei’s “outside folding” design, and instead adopted an inner folding scheme.

Huawei also stated that Mate X2 will use innovative technology materials, among which the hinge design structure is very complex, which has greatly changed from the eagle-wing hinge of Huawei Mate Xs. Compared with previous generations, the new design may improve the crease problem of the folding screen

Post time: Feb-25-2021